Cosmic Heart Program


We realized early on that those who do regular sessions by following The Cosmic Heart program are the ones who see fantastic results in terms of healing, growth, achieving life goals, and inner peace. There is no way around it!

Only Sincere Seekers who are committed to finding true meaning in their lives will eventually find it.


What you are seeking is seeking you. – Rumi

We care about you and we believe that the better way to serve you is through building a holistic and intimate relationship that can nurture and expand every facet of your Being, whether you are going through a difficult marriage, a breakup, a move, unemployment, health issues, bad luck, or an existential crisis, life may throw at you.

These crises are veiled opportunities that spawn us into changing the course of our lives into something more authentic and true to our soul purpose.

Therefore, the Self Development Program invites you to dive into your life path potential and take the first step towards letting go of all destructive habits, thought forms, patterns, and conditioning that do not bring you the happiness and fulfillment you seek.

We are your healing family that will help show you the way to gracefully accept the healing message and attune to the intuition and guidance that can safely ferry you across the Dark Night of the Soul towards the dawn of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ascension.


The Awakened Heart is like a Lantern.

Keep it sheltered

From the turbulence

Of the winds of desire. - Rumi


We work on these different parts and all parts lead to the whole. Well-being is a holistic and time-based prerogative that is founded on the premise of courage and receptivity. Every session is tailored by an expert in their field to lay the foundation for your inner work. Results are seldom achieved from two or three sessions and we stress that a long-term commitment is needed from your end to achieve the results of well-being you seek.


Therefore, it is our honor and life mission to provide you the Cosmic Heart Program. The program will last for roughly 8 weeks whereby you will be showered with the self-care and self-love we all desperately seek.

During the these 8 weeks time, you will undergo:

8 Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions

8 Mi'raj Energy Healing Sessions

8 Sound Alchemy Sessions

After being empowered with your cosmic heart ascension tool kit, you will have a guided meditation to do on your own for 30 days followed up by a follow-up session.  


Similar to the trimester of a pregnancy in the womb, graduating from the Cosmic Heart program will offer you the opportunity to continue your healing journey into the Cosmic Mind and Cosmic Spirit Programs; thus, rebirthing you into a new conscious and enlightened being.


 It is recommended to complete Mi'raj Healing Level 1 & 2 after the end of the program. These courses are also prerequisites to joining the Cosmic Mind Program.

The Cosmic Heart Program Schedule


Weekly Intuitive Life Coaching Session with Khalid



 Through the intuitive process, we tackle and overcome issues in:


1. Self-esteem

2. Inner child trauma

3. Forgiveness

4. Inner travel

5. Soul purpose

6. Soulmate recollection

7. Ancestral healing

8. Goals & objectives

9. Mindfulness and Energy Hygiene

10. Meditation


Weekly Mi’raj Energy Healing Session with Muaz 



1. Through the clearing and balancing of energy centers and meridians many spiritual and physical diseases are removed and prevented.

2. Also, cleared is what we call bad luck which is crystalized fears and dysfunctional patterns that attract, through the Law of Attraction, that which is unwholesome. 

3. Cellular memory and DNA activation is also achieved to reprogram the subtle bodies to become aligned with the will of the Higher-self.


Weekly Mi’raj Healing Sound Alchemy Session with Khalid



1. Through the powerful vibrations of the 99 names of Allah and Qur’anic mantras, a highway is created for the soul to ascend into the divine light and divine love. 

2. Also harmonized are the left and right hemispheres of the brain that allow for a more unified perspective of reality in the earthly plane, a reality that is based on the correlation of divine wisdom, signs, and intuition.

3. Clearing the inner noise of fears, doubts, and past regrets and future worries, you can finally be present in the Now. It is in the Now, where your one true Voice can be heard and experienced.


One look at love and you may see it weaves a web over mystery, 

All raveled threads can rend apart

For hope has a place in the lover's heart. Hope has a place in a lover's heart.

Whispering world, a sigh of sighs, The ebb and the flow of the ocean tides. One breath, one word may end or may start

A hope in a place of the lover's heart. Hope has a place in a lover's heart.

Look to love you may dream, And if it should leave then give it wings. But if such a love is meant to be;

Hope is home, and the heart is free

Under the heavens, we journey far,

On roads of life we're the wanderers, So let love rise, so let love depart,

Let hope have a place in the lover's heart. Hope has a place in a lover's heart.

Look to love and you may dream, And if it should leave then give it wings. But if such a love is meant to be;

Hope is home, and the heart is free. Hope is home, and the heart is free.




Looking forward to beginning a new chapter in your life, where the sorrows of the past are not be repeated in the future.


Peace & Blessings,

All healing is an act of self-healing, we only remove the obstacles that connect you to You.

CHP start date

The program cycle follows the lunar calendar, beginning on a full moon of each month. The changing phases of the moon have a profound effect on our psyche and are doors and windows to our subconscious mind, pain body and inner child. We will harness the transformative energy of the moon to bring about maximum change and the quickest results. During the waning phases, the program will focus on eliminating toxins, negative thoughts, patterns, blockages and fasting. During the waxing phases, the program will focus on there affirming, reprograming and introducing positive thoughts, beliefs and patterns.