Benefits of Mi'raj Healing

Count your Blessings they may just increase

Intuitive Reading

Aura reading will help you identify the hidden and subconscious blind spots keeping you in the dark of who you really are. Subconscious blocks from the past are brought to light and a treatment plan is offered.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive life coaching helps you live your life best when your mind and body are balanced and healthy. That's why we take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease. 

Energy Healing

Energy healing and Spiritual healing are to provide alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of the body. 

Sound Alchemy

Sound Alchemy helps bring about a spiritual awakening and an expansion of consciousness. Transmuting lower dense vibrations and energies into higher vibrations of love, light and compassion.

Mi'raj Healing Level 1 Coming Soon!

Join our next ONLINE workshop by Intuitive Life Coach Khaled Waleed. As we go through a healing journey to learn about the basics of Islamic energy healing.

Mi’raj Healing is a unique form of energy therapy designed to awaken insight and spiritual evolution and heal body and soul.  Mi’raj means “ascension” in Sufi terminology, referring to the soul rising to higher levels of spirituality through healing.  

Our practice fuses ancient Sufi healing techniques with energy medicine, drawing on Abrahamic wisdom to support healing with connection to the divine.


Mi'raj Healing has 5 Levels

Mi'raj Healing Level 1

In this 2-day Sufi Healing course, we will understand what is energy, how to feel and differentiate different kinds of energy. Sensitize your hands to be able to feel the energy and the lataif energy centers. Learn how to heal using energy and learn about the different centers and their functions.



Mi'raj Healing Level 2

In this 2-day Sufi Healing course, we will learn about the psychological dimension to energy and the latif. We will also learn about the secrets of sacred movements in prayer. We learn secret aspects to divine healing.



Mi'raj Healing Level 3

In this 2 day Sufi Healing course, we learn how to treat ourselves from harmful energies, and mental and emotional diseases. We understand the energetic dimension to positive and negative thinking.


Mi'raj Healing Level 4

In this 2 day Sufi Healing course, we learn how to harness energy to create powerful shields that can protect us from psychic attacks and negative environments. We also understand the role of crystals, flowers and herbs in our natural healing.


Mi'raj Healing Level 5

In this 1 day Sufi Healing course, we culminate the healing process with the understanding of ascension. We learn about the energetic secrets of ascension and fulfilling your divine life purpose.


"I've been working with Khalid and Muaz and its been the most transformative journey of my life. They are both incredible souls that care about you, they will make you feel seen, heard and validated."


"I describe Miraj as a life changing destination. I started my Journey with Khalid and I started to see the world differently with new eyes where I found my โ€œHealerโ€ Self."


"Very eye opening and from a variety of religions. Khalid's view is spot on when it comes to looking at the spiritual view point. I really do trust his work and teachings."


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