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Cosmic Heart Program

 We begin our journey of Mi’raj (Ascension) by assessing and rebuilding our 8 storey building of consciousness from the bottom up. 

Going through each energy centre each week, we focus on intuitively investigating underlying fears and emotions crystallized within each centre.

Next, we help neutralize these crystallized energies via the Mi'raj Energy Healing session.

Finally, we help replace these energies with positive and healing energies with the Alchemy of Sound guided session. 

This unique, powerful therapy is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective therapies available. 

Mi'raj Healing takes the best principles of Islamic Mysticism and combines them with Energy Medicine and Psychotherapy to bring about phenomenal and permanent change - fast. 

When you become a Mi'raj Energy Healer you will lock a whole new world of freedom, meaning and abundance. 

You can train directly with the founder of Mi'raj Healing - world-renowned therapist, Khalid Waleed. Khalid has spent his decade-long career finding the therapy techniques that really work. 

Now you can learn how to use them to follow in his path and enjoy a career as an outstanding therapist.

What People Are Saying:

I would describe Miraj as a life changing destination. When I started my Journey with Khalid I started to see the world differently with completely a new insight as a new gate has opened for me where I found my “healer” Self. With Miraj I started to see the magic of the world in every small detail with a great awareness of the synchronicities around me in my everyday life.


I feel very blessed that God has guided me to mi'raj healing. I've been working with Khalid and Muaz the past few months and it has been the most transformative journey of my life. They are both incredible souls that care about you, they will make you feel seen, heard and validated. In my healing journey I've finally been able to address things I had no idea how to even look at before, I have developed deep love for Prophet Muhammad pbuh and my connection with God is an endless fountain of love. God bless both Khalid and Muaz!